Prensa Transfer Zaldibar 3


The presses that use this technology have a manipulator-transfer that enables the shift of the pieces from one station to the next one. The starting point is a steel blank which has been previously cut. That avoids the necessity of any attachment strip between pieces and consequently reduces the amount of raw material to be used.

This makes possible the fully automatic transition from one station to the next one.

In our press we additionally use a zig-zag feeder, which allows us to obtain an extra raw material saving in those pieces with circular blank shape.

This technology guarantees as well the highest benefits and productivity. Therefore it is suitable for big manufacturing series of those pieces which are not, due to their complexity or drawing shape, recommended to be produced by progressive stamping process.

Our specialty in this field is the production of moderate- or deep-drawing pieces, usually of cup shape: sealing elements, bearing housings, etc.

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