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Our basic technology is progressive stamping, that is to say, the manufacturing of complex metal parts, using sheet coils, and by means of multi step dies, automatic presses and feeders. We currently have 25 presses distributed among our 4 production plants:

  • Progressive stamping from 400 to 800 tns. In this area we have 10 presses (in Berriz and Wroclaw plants) with stamping tables up to 3,5 meters long and compact automatic feeder systems.
  • Progressive stamping from 40 to 400 tns. We have 15 presses (in Zaldibar Celaya and Wroclaw plants) with stamping tables up to 3 meters long.

Typical material we work with are all types of steel, especially High Elastic Limit steels for automotive applications, as well as other less demanding varieties, hot and cold laminated, with or without galvanizing. In smaller amounts we also use stainless steel and aluminum. Regarding thickness, we go up to 8 mm en big presses, and around 4 mm in the smaller ones.

Our orientation is the development and production of highly technical parts, with as much added value as possible, whether due to dimensional or quality requirements. Moreover, we are able to use specific equipment which allows to make additional operations inside the stamping tools, operations such as screw and nuts insert, threads and others.

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