In many cases, our clients need parts or components of higher complexity than simple stamped or blanked parts. Those components require some additional operations, among others:

  • Further mechanical or stamping operations in the part, not feasible to make in first operation. It can be due to very complex geometries, which may require a final manual stamping operation. Machining or threading operations may be also needed.
  • Heat treatments, paint or galvanizing treatments
  • Assembly of our stamped parts to other parts, whether they be stamped or other kind like screws, nuts, machined parts or tubes. The assembly operation itself is usually welding or riveting of different types.

Considering our orientation to value added components, Grupo Azpiaran is capable to produce all above described additional operations, whether it is with our own means, or by subcontracting to expert and reliable suppliers of our area.

Regarding our own equipment, our policy is to install our own production means when the annual production demand justify the investment in automatic production cells. In this environment, we have a great experience in designing different types of cells, ordering the equipment manufacturing to specialized companies, and making ourselves responsible of its further production operations.

Among others, we have the following additional operations cells:

  • Welding cells
  • Automatic or semiautomatic riveting or folding assembly cells
  • Machining or threading automatic cells
  • Robotized or manual stamping presses

In many cases, and of course always if it is a client requirement, those cells are equipped with 100% quality control systems.

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