las 3 Hs abril 2018


Fine blanking is one of the main areas in which Grupo Azpiaran has invested more heavily, with a clear technical and commercial target, by offering our clients a wider range of components, as well as more complicated ones. Many of our clients chose us because of our capacity to offer this technology together with conventional stamping, with so many specific applications.

Fine blanking has some common elements with regular stamping: press, die and coil. However, thanks to its specific working system, triple effect cutting, it allows to obtain much better results in terms of:

  • Dimensional tolerance in cutting
  • Flatness
  • Cutting without tears

Another important advantage of fine blanking, is the capacity of cutting high thickness material, in our case, up to 12 mm. Finally, the evolution of tool design, allows to make specific deformations, similar to cold forging but with much higher precision, reaching highly complicated parts in a single operation.

The typical markets for this parts are different automotive components, such as: brakes, closures, and different mechanisms for seats, gear, etc. There also a wide variety of applications in other applications in other industries: electrical equipment, precision machinery and others.

Regarding material types, we work mainly with cold laminated steels, with specific characteristics to allow heat treatments. We also use different types of stainless steel.

Presently, we have 6 presses, from 160 to 800 tns (Feintool) located at Berriz Plant.

Typical deburring process for finishing these parts is “vibro” equipment, which we have in house.

For other finishing operations, usual in these components, such as flat grinding, heat treatment or galvanizing, we use expert suppliers in these areas.

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