• Automotive industry starts growing in Spain, and the Basque Country is a pioneer in the development of small companies dedicated to stamping dies production and stamping production itself . Two of those companies are Azpiaran, SL and Estampaciones Generales SA (ESGESA)

Year 2000-2005

  • Both companies grow and evolve with the rear wind of general economic growth, focusing on parts stamping business both for automotive and household appliances clients. Both have already changed their original facilities for new bigger ones, with modern layouts. Esgesa, on its side, starts developing fine blanking technology.

Year 2006-2007

  • Starting point for Grupo Azpiaran. Two former friends, Alex Ormaechevarria and Manuel Garcia-Iturri, become partners and acquire Azpiaran SL from Azpitarte family. From the very beginning a strategy of growth is put in place, both internal and by acquisition.

Year 2008

  • Grupo Azpiaran acquires Esgesa SA, taking a crucial step in its evolution. Turnover goes to more than double, in the edge of 20 million euro, with 90 people. The two plants reorganize their production, Esgesa (Berriz) focus on progressive stamping from 400 to 800 tns and Fine Blanking, Azpiaran (Zaldibar) focus on small stamping from 40 to 400 tns.

Year 2009-2011

  • The big crisis arrives, but the young company does not give up growth. On one side we start the process to install a new facility in Wroclaw (Poland), on the other side, we adquire and integrate two small companies : Introes and Ucar.
  • In February 2010, the polish plant, Azpiaran Polska, starts its production.
  • The group invests in fine blanking, first in rebuilding small machines Feintool GPK 160, second buying its first Feintool HFA 400.

Year 2012-2014

  • The group starts in house design and manufacturing of dies and tools. In a short term a new company is created with the name of Azpiaran Tooling.
  • In Poland, an agreement is reached with Doga Metal Parts, the stamping division of a bigger Spanish group. Doga takes a 35% stake in the equity of the polish plant, contributing with new clients and machinery. The name changes to Azpiaran Doga Polska.
  • In Spain the group acquires another small company called Intxorta, located very close to the Spanish plants. Their activity, people and machines, is integrated in Azpiaran Zaldibar.

Year 2015

  • Esgesa changes its name to Azpiaran Berriz SA and makes a new investment in fine blanking with the acquisition of a Feintool HFA 630, a big step ahead in the strengthening of this area.

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