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The automotive industry is starting to grow in Spain and the Basque Country is a pioneer in the development of small auxiliary metal stamping and die-cutting companies. Two of these companies are the protagonists of our story: Apiarian SL y Estampaciones Generales SA (ESGESA). During the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, the two companies grew and evolved in line with economic growth, focusing on stamping activities for both the automotive and household appliance sectors. Both companies moved to new, larger facilities, with a more modern layout. Esgesa begins the development of an increasingly specialized technology, Fineblanking.

YEAR 2006-2008

The idea of creating the Azpiaran Group was born at the end of 2006, when two old friends, Alex Ormaechevarria and Manuel Garcia-Iturri, acquired Azpiaran SL from the Azpitarte family in Zaldibar. Just two years later a new opportunity arises, and they acquire Esgesa SA, now called Azpiaran Berriz, taking a crucial step in its growth. Its total turnover is close to 20 million euros, with a staff of almost 90 people. Factories are reorganizing to optimize their activities. Esgesa focuses on progressive stamping from 400 to 800 tons and fine blanking, while Azpiaran focuses on progressive stamping from 40 to 400 tons, with a special presence in the household appliances sector.

Despite the crisis, the Group has not given up its growth plans. First by attracting new customers, but also by acquiring other competing companies and seeking to establish themselves in strategic international locations. During this period, two small domestic companies were acquired: Introes and Ucar Estampación, and the installation of a factory in Wroclaw (Poland), Azpiaran Polska, is started. The Group also invests in the improvement of its Fineblanking machinery (Feintool HFA 400 press and progressive reconversion of its Feintool GPK 160 presses), technology that it considers strategic for its interests.

YEAR 2009-2011

YEAR 2012-2014

Azpiaran Tools is established for the design and control of its own dies. In Poland, an agreement was reached with the company Doga Metal Parts, part of the Doga Group, this company contributed with customers and equipment, becoming a 35% shareholder of the Polish subsidiary. The name changes to Azpiaran Doga Polska....
In Spain, the group continues its reinforcement with the acquisition of another plant called Intxorta, which is absorbed by the other two national plants.

After a long crisis, the sector is returning to growth. The group defines a new strategic plan, focusing on the development of differentiated technologies that bring more added value. Within this framework, a first investment was made in the Fineblanking area by acquiring a Feintool HFA630, giving a boost to its growth in this technology. They also invest in a first Transfer press and grows in new references for Bihler type presses. Finally, the progressive stamping equipment was reinforced with the acquisition of two Link-drive presses of 400 and 630 tons

YEAR 2015-2018

YEAR 2019-2021

The year 2019 represents a singular milestone in the development of the Azpiaran Group. In April, an agreement was reached with Doga, whereby Azpiaran Polska is once again wholly owned by the group. And in December, IDESA Group, a competing group with plants in Spain and Mexico, was acquired. The Group has a turnover of 50 million euros, with a staff of 250 people. The international presence in Europe (Spain and Poland) and in America (Mexico), appreciated by its main customers

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